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Reduce Wrinkles, Thicken Hair, & Strengthen Nails


“Through science, we now have the ability to nourish the body’s three beauty proteins—naturally!”

The Remarkable Results

The Vrije University research scientists had shown in a double blind, placebo controlled, university clinical study —with actual measurements—that RevitaGlo™ could provide users with dramatic beauty-enhancing benefits.

Here’s what they found:

SKIN: RevitaGlo™ reduced fine lines and wrinkles by a full 19%. Further, the skin was dramatically more resilient in just 20 weeks.*

HAIR: RevitaGlo™ significantly increased hair thickness. Hair demonstrated greater volume and more body.*

NAILS: RevitaGlo™ dramatically strengthened nails. Nails became more break-resistant.*

Adding to the excitement generated by the Brussels clinical trial, a parallel study at the University of London produced encouraging results regarding the effects of RevitaGlo™ on bone health. Armed with the knowledge that collagen is critical to the mineral-binding process that maintains bone density, the London scientists set out to determine whether RevitaGlo™ supplementation could support a marked improvement in bone density for women already taking calcium and vitamin D. The answer was a resounding “yes!”*

The results of the skin, hair, and nail study were published in the prestigious journal Archives of Dermatological Research, and the results of the bone study were published in BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders. This groundbreaking research convinced all involved that RevitaGlo™ can make a real difference in people’s lives. The best part?RevitaGlo™ formulas are now available to you!



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